Looker Data Protection Agreement

In today`s digital age, data protection has become a crucial aspect of any business. Companies need to ensure the safety and privacy of their users` data and information to maintain their trust and credibility in the market. One such company that takes data protection seriously is Looker.

Looker is a business intelligence and data analytics platform that offers a secure and reliable data management infrastructure to its clients. As a part of its commitment to data protection, Looker has a detailed data protection agreement that ensures users` data is protected and secure.

What is the Looker Data Protection Agreement?

The Looker Data Protection Agreement (DPA) is a legal agreement between Looker and its clients that outlines the terms and conditions of data processing. It is a comprehensive document that defines how Looker will process and protect the personal data of its clients.

The DPA is designed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is an EU regulation that aims to protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens.

The Looker DPA covers:

1. The nature and purpose of data processing

The DPA outlines the types of personal data that Looker will process on behalf of its clients. It also defines the purpose of this data processing, such as providing data analytics services or troubleshooting issues.

2. Data security measures

Looker takes data security seriously, and the DPA outlines the measures it takes to ensure data protection. This includes technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss, or damage to data.

3. Data transfer and storage

The DPA specifies how Looker will transfer and store data, including encryption and secure transmission methods. It also outlines where data will be stored, such as within the European Economic Area (EEA) or in countries with adequate data protection laws.

4. Data subject rights

The DPA outlines the rights of data subjects, such as the right to access their data, rectify inaccuracies, or request deletion of their data. Looker will assist its clients in fulfilling these rights.

5. Audits and inspections

The DPA allows clients to audit Looker`s data protection measures and processes to ensure compliance with GDPR. Looker will also cooperate with any regulatory inspections or investigations.

Why is the Looker DPA important?

In today`s data-driven world, businesses need to take data protection seriously. Failure to comply with data protection regulations can result in hefty fines, damaged reputation, and loss of customer trust.

The Looker DPA shows that Looker is committed to protecting its clients` data, ensuring their privacy and security. By signing the DPA, Looker`s clients can rest assured that their data is in safe hands.


Data protection is vital in today`s digital age, and Looker takes it seriously. The Looker Data Protection Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of data processing, ensuring that clients` data is processed securely, transferred, and stored appropriately. Clients can trust Looker to protect their data, comply with GDPR, and assist in fulfilling data subject rights.